Kyanos (Bacon Dragon)
Saturday, November 27, 2021


Lion's Pelt Cape IV
Claw Band IV
Icemaster Yeti Dragon Helm
Silk Cravat
Chocobunny Storm
Infection Tie
Frozen Claymore
Liberty Wings
Doomed Death Head
Green Head
Voidling Helm V
Aeris PvP Trophy (x3)
Ateala Armament (x45)
Lightning in a Bottle
Shard of the Ultimate Orb
Abyssal Silver Hammer IV
Chained Blaze
Crystalline Staff
Doom Hammer IV
Dragon Wolf Broadsword VI
Fragrant Oleanderium
Galaxy Scythe IV
Harrowing Sword
Rainbow Saber VII
Rainbow Saber VIII
Sanguine ShadowReaper of Doom
Shadow Hunter Ultra Sword
Upright Blinding Light of Destiny

Bank Items

Defender's Dragon Necklace XXI
Defender's Dragon Ring XVII
Defender's Medal (x650)
Master CorDemi Codex
Unlucky Doom Essence (x46)

War Records

Friday the 13th: Weal
2 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
DragonRider War
12 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
War at the Core
3 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Save The Moglins
1 waves, 0 Moglins Saved
Frostval 13
10 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
War of The Dragon Roses
5 waves, 0 Rose Waves
War of the Dragon Roses
5 waves, 0 Dragon Waves
Winged Darkness
25 waves, 1 Winged Darkness Waves
355 waves, 8 Turducken Waves
Ebil War
18 waves, 2 Ebil Waves Defeated
Wrath of Wargoth
183 waves, 0 Wrath Wave
Rising Fire
36 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Lucky Day War 2012
66 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Rift War
557 waves, 4 Waves Defeated
Zardbie War 2011
125 waves, 1 Waves Defeated
Friday the 13th 2011
1001 waves, 16 Waves Defeated
Hiding the Blade of Awe
3 waves, 0 Locations Searched
Lucky Day War 2011
250 waves, 175 Rainbow Shards


Villager Style

House Items

PVP Banner
Falconreach Window
Villager Style Window
Villager Style Window
Basic Bed
White Couch
Basic End Table
Basic Bonsai Table
Metal Table
Basic Dresser
Basic Lantern
Large Light Grey Area Rug
Small Grey Area Rug
A Bush
Armor Closet