Mnementh (Ice Dragon)
Sunday, May 9, 2021


DoomKnight Cloak
Shining Moonstone Ring
DoomKnight Helm
Mwclis Mwrn V
Uaanta's Blaster III (Uncharged)
Honey Laden Girdle III
Necrotic Sword of Doom
Falwynn's Lucky Rock
Infused Sheathed Rose Blade
Mysterious Helm Template
Proclamation Medal (SH) (x9)
Shadow Bone Shard (x5)
Swordhaven Badge (TGH)
Ancient Dragon Amulet Scythe of the Elements
Commemorative Birthday Sword VI
Dire ShadowReaper of Doom
Magesterium Blade I
Melted Stirring Spoon
Royal Vault Sword II
Wondrous Blinding Light of Destiny

Bank Items

Bloody Monster Heart (x2)
Defender's Medal (x251)
DoomKnight Armor
Dragon PvP Trophy
DragonLord Vath Helm
DragonLord Vath Sword
DragonLord Vath Wings
Elemental Unity
Evolved ChickenCow Armor
Memory Fragment II
Memory Fragment VII (x2)
Mewphant IX
Primal Corrupt Essence (x28)
Reaper's Scythe I
Royal Vault Sword III
Royal Vault Sword V
Stan the ScanOrb
The Last Board of Falconreach
Willow Bark Medicine
X-Boost: Unlimited (x10)

War Records

Song of the Ateala
85 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
The Blood Moon
25 waves, 2 Waves Defeated
Black Winter
2 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Winged Darkness
19 waves, 0 Winged Darkness Waves
1 waves, 0 Turducken Waves
Wrath of Wargoth
2 waves, 0 Wrath Wave
Rising Fire
6 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Friday the 13th 2011
53 waves, 2 Waves Defeated


DragonLord Castle
Villager Style II

House Items

Arena Banner
PVP Banner
Sepulchure's Battle Standard
Guardian Tower Window
Guardian Tower Window
Fancy Bed
Map Table
Book Pile
Dragon Nest
Dragon Statue
Cysero's Left Sock
Guardian Shield
Skull Plaque
Sandsea Plaque
Rogue Plaque
Ranger Plaque
Paladin Plaque
Necromancer Plaque
DeathKnight Plaque
Guardian Tile
Artix Statue
Mini Giant-Cysero Statue
Rolith Statue
Zhoom Statue
DA Plaque
Armor Closet
Clyde the Stats Moglin
Dragonkeep Dragon Banner
Stan the ScanOrb
Tapestry of the Capitol
Storybook Collection