Seba (Ice Dragon)
Monday, November 29, 2021


Wings of the Unraveler III
Defender's Dragon Ring XXXII
Ancient DragonLord Helm III
Defender's Dragon Necklace XXXV
The Corrupted Seven
Defender's Dragon Belt XXIII
Frostscythe III
Draconic Glowtooth
Reforged Avatar of Time
Chaosweaver's Cloak III
The Hidebehind VIII
Wings of The Thousand Flames
Distorted Doom Visage III
Drop Bear Hat IX
Slimy Necklace
Squirrel Tentacle IV
Defender's Medal (x62)
Infected Stability Core
Nature Construct Core
Timewarped Medal (x19)
Baby Chimera
Stan the ScanOrb
Radiant Shimmer
Mage's Challenger Belt V
Ogorek's Treasure
Blade of Awe
Doomed Dragon Amulet Scythe of the Elements IX
DragonKnight Blade
Escelense Dragon Defender Daggers I
Exalted Apotheosis
Grove Tender Blade
Ice Scythe
Lucky Hammer
Sea Chicken's Conquest III
Stormhawk VIII
The Threadcutter IX
Ultimate DragonStaff of Destiny
Verraad III
Vile Infused Rose Spear I
Corrupted Doom Cassette

Bank Items

A Void-ance Belt
Ace of Hearts
Ace of Hearts
Akaz's Ampoule Ring VIII
Amaranthine Poncho
Ancient Dragon Amulet Scythe of the Elements
Ancient Exosuit
Antipode Edge VII
Apsaydaaun Harvester IX
Artix's Cape
Ascended ChickenCow Armor
Ascended Claymore
Ascended Cloak
Ascended Crest
Aspenvale Academy Uniform
Avatar of Time
Baltael's Aventail
Basic CorDemi Codex
Boxhat IX
Brilliant Bloodstone Ring
Broken Experimental Visage
Caitiff's Notes
Challenger Belt
Chaosweaver Armor
Cheater Mark
Cheesemonger's Gratitude
Chi Blast
Chibi Envy
Chibi Gluttony
Chibi Greed
Chibi Lust
Chibi Pandora (C)
Chibi Pandora (P)
Chibi Pride
Chibi Sloth
Chibi Wrath
ChickenCow Armor
ChronoZ Visor Version TK.0
Claw of the Enigmatic Star
Cloak of Change
Cloak of Hyonix
Cloak of Hyonix (Dragonsoul)
Cloak Scrap
Comedy Cloak
Comedy Mask
Commemorative Birthday Helm VII
Commemorative Birthday Staff XII
Consuming Adept Catalyst
Corrupted Heartscale
Creatioux Claw III
Diamond Ring of the Emperor
Dimensional Transphaser
Doom Core Residue
Doom Dragon Scythe
Doom Figmini
Doomed Dragon Amulet Scythe of Elementals
Dragon Blade
Dragon Scale Coil VII
Dragon's Bulwark
Dragon's Wrath
DragonKnight Cape
DragonKnight Helm
DragonLord Captain's Helm IV
DragonLord's Travel Cloak IV
Dreamglass Ring IX
Ebil Incarnate Axe IV
Elemental Unity
Elite Wand of the Sunken Rose III
Esrom Helm
Eternal Locket
Evolved ChickenCow Armor
Experimental Gauntlet Core
Extra Crispy Lance of Doom
Extra Crispy Shank of Doom
Extra Fluffy Tog III
Facet of Hyonix IX
Feathers of Pride
Feathers of Pride A
Feathers of Pride B
Feathers of Pride L
Feathers of Pride NB
Feathers of Pride P
Feathers of Pride T
Fire Soul VII
Fire Soul VII
First Mate's Cutlass
Forced Reflection VII
Fragment of Ethereal Woe
Fragments of Ego
Gnomish Personal Steamtank Mk II
Gouda Blade
Grimey Ring
Grimoire of the Lich I
Groundhog Wings I
Grove Tender Twigs
Grove Tender Visage
Grub Necklace V
Hacked Magi Drone
Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade
Harmonized Cowbell 1001
Hawk's Calling VII
Heart Scale
Heliotrope Pointer
Helm of Hyonix
Helm of Hyonix (Dragonsoul)
Icebound Revenant
Illustrious Cape
Inlaid Trithril Belt
Jade Cleaver of the Wild
Jeweled Seal Ring of Wall
Joker's Madness
Judgement Wheel: Guilt
Judgement Wheel: Innocence
Kathool Adept Armor
Lagohmcraft Protector (Gold) II
Leaf of Flux III
Legion Bracer
Legion Sunderer IX
Leorilla Mane Belt IV
Lockblade IX
Lost Starhelm of Destiny
Lost Starhelm of Doom
Lost Starsword of Destiny
Lost Starsword of Doom
Lovely Time Daggers X
Lovely Time Tome X
Magesterium Blade IV
Magicalllll Frostval Cloak
Mantle of Fear
Marauder Pirate Catalyst
Mechanical Ring VII
Meowphant's Mettle IV
Mirror Eye Trinket
Navigator's Hat VI
Necro Paragon Armor
Necro Paragon Cape IV
Necro Paragon Helm IV
Necro Paragon Soulblade IV
Necromancer Staff
Nick's Toasty Cape VIII
Notha's Experimental Axe
Notha's Experimental Dagger
Notha's Experimental Staff
Pandora's Scythe III
Party Tog
Personal Feargeist
Pick of the North I
Pirate's Bane V
Prince Eulin Facsimile
Psionic Ratchet III
Puzzling Cards
Pyromancer Cord
Radiant Crown of Sek Duat
Radiant Dravir Warhelm
Radiant Wings of Light
Rainbow Saber VIII
Rathon - Focus of Change IX
Reforged Bos Primigenius
Reforged Chronocorruptor
Reforged Chronomancer
Reforged ChronoZ
Reforged TimeKiller
Refraction Pendant VII
Relic DeathKnight Cloak
Relic DeathKnight Helm
Ribbon of Compromise V
Ring of Otherworld III
Rose Researcher's Mask
Royal Astravian Catalyst
Scarab Band
Scarf of Pride
Scarf of Pride A
Scarf of Pride B
Scarf of Pride L
Scarf of Pride NB
Scarf of Pride P
Scarf of Pride T
Scythe of the Soul's Song
Scythe of the Unhallowed IX
Sentog Helm I
Serenity's Wisdom
Shadow Hunter Ultra Sword
ShadowWalker of Time
ShadowWalker's TimeScythe IV
ShadowWalker's Visage IV
Shapeless Idol V
Shattered Amulet VII
Shattered Lhe'Shyian Sword
Shining Eternal Hourglass Cape V
Shining Eternal Hourglass Helm V
Sir Bearginion's Fur
Skull Crusher Blaster
Soulforged Amulet (Purple)
Soulforged Ring (Blue)
SoulForged Scythe
Soulsmith's Cloak III
Spectral DeathKnight Catalyst
Spyblade of Static III
Spystaff of Static III
Squirrel Tentacle I
Staff of Inversion IX
Staff of the Amulet
Static Sphere VII
Summon Gem - Ayauhnqui EX
Summon Gem - Illumina EX
Summon Gem - Intaym EX
Summon Gem - Reaver
Summon Gem - Ricterild EX
Summon Gem - Roktoru EX
Summon Gem Setting - Reaver
Sunken Plunderer IX
Swordhaven Hero Defender
Swordhaven Hero Shortaxe
Swordhaven Hero Trident
Tentacle of the Dominion III
The Aurora Key
The Barons Fearless Helm
The Bolt Key
The Cloud Key
The Ember Key
The Eraglass
The Flax Key
The Icicle Key
The Professor's Safety Helm IV
The Puppetmaster X
The Quadstaff III
The Shell Key
The Sword For Some Monsters
The Void Key
Thorn Replica VII
Thread of the Unraveler
Tizheruk Scale IX
Togsmas Cloak IX
Twilly's Staff
Twilly's Staff
Tyr - Lance of Change IX
Tytanbone Pack IX
Tytanvisage Helm (Gold) VII
Tzfat Cloak
Uaanta's Blaster IV (Destiny)
Ultra OmniKnight Blade
Unhallowed DeathKnight Amulet
Unhallowed DeathKnight Belt
Unhallowed DeathKnight Circlet
Unlucky Clover VIII
Vaal's Ego
Vell - Edge of Change IX
Visage of Change
Void Chitin Band IV
Void Rift Cover
Voidwoven Belt V
Wargoth's Forged Visage I
Warlic's Gift I
Weaver's Facade X
Winter's Cull IX
Wolfwing's Wings
Wooden Sword of Doom IV
Yarek's Staff IX
Zeclem's Blade
Zorbak's Staff

War Records

The Maleurous: Reckoning
76 waves, 6 Waves Defeated
The Siege of Haven
1203 waves, 34 Waves Defeated
A Friendly Contest
595 waves, 19 Waves Defeated
The Great Giftnapping
1037 waves, 3 Gifts Liberated
The Angel of Azaveyr
427 waves, 54 Waves Defeated
Archive E-189-L
1472 waves, 28 Paths Cleared
Frostval 2019
446 waves, 6 Waves Defeated


Obsidian Home
DragonLord Castle
Dragonsgrasp House
Edelia House
Ravenloss House

House Items

Inn Table
Armor Closet
Antique Bookshelf
Plushie Cabinet
Lefthand NPC Plushie Etagere
Righthand NPC Plushie Etagere
Camouflage Couch
Clyde the Stats Moglin
Ravenloss Scythes
Storybook Collection
Training Dummy
Armor Portal Statue
Greenscreen Mirror
Pile of Gold
Pile of Dragon Coins