Flammenwerfer (Light Dragon)
Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Ascended Wings
Defender's Dragon Ring XXII
DoomKnight Helm
Akriloth's Bane IV
Four "Lucky" Wishbones
Defender's Dragon Belt XI
Ultimate Star of Glory
Ascended ChickenCow Armor
DoomKnight Variant One
Kathool Adept Armor
DoomKnight Cloak
Imitation Chickencow Wings
Melissa's Wings VI
Defender's Dragon Necklace XX
Ateala Armament (x11)
Dark Insicors (x2)
Defender's Medal (x124)
Nature Essence
X-Boost: Unlimited
Emperor Linus
Ascended Spear
Fragrant Oleanderium
Frost Dragon Head Staff VII
Love Harvester IV
Mournful Gloom Glaive
Necrotic Sword of Doom
Sanguine Skullstaff of Doom
Scepter of the Emporer
Staff of Mana
Stygian Entity's Defense
Togsmas Staff VIII
Ultimate Dragon Amulet Scythe of Elementals

Bank Items

Akriloth's Fervid Bane
Alina's Battle Bouquet Staff
Amber Staff of the Harvest V
Ascended Claymore
Ascended Cloak
Ascended Crest
Avatar's Winged Scythe
Balloon Chickencow Pet
Basic CorDemi Codex
Blade of Destiny
Bloody Point
Blue Gummy and Apple Pop IX
Blue Gummy and Apple Pop VIII
Blue Gummy and Apple Pop X
Blue Gummy and Apple Pop XI
BraveSirRobins Fearless Helm
Bright Defender V
Brutal Cultist Hood
Crystal Frostval Scythe VIII
Crystal Necklace
Dark Gummy and Raspberry Pop IX
Death's Royal Scythe
Doomed Draconis Tenebras
Dragon's Plume V
Drakonnan's Fiery Helm
Fiery Flare Imp Staff
Fiery Gummy and Cinnamon Pop IX
Fiery Gummy and Cinnamon Pop VIII
Fiery Gummy and Cinnamon Pop X
Fiery Gummy and Cinnamon Pop XI
Frost Dragon Head Staff VII
Golden Maple Scythe IX
Green Gummy and Lemon Pop IX
Green Gummy and Lemon Pop VIII
Green Gummy and Lemon Pop X
Green Gummy and Lemon Pop XI
Harrowing Hammer
Harrowing Staff
Harvest Reaper V
Infernal Spineripper
Li'l Typhoon
Lush Oleanderium
Male Frost Moglin Helm VI
Mighty Dread Scythe
Mighty Dread Wings
Mindtwist Scythe III
Molten Magma Cowl
Mr. Poofles
Orange Gummy and Bubblegum Pop IX
Orange Gummy and Bubblegum Pop VIII
Orange Gummy and Bubblegum Pop X
Orange Gummy and Bubblegum Pop XI
Pallor's Frozen Staff VI
Plushie Ghost
Plushie Tomix
Rainbow Saber VII
Rare PowerTog
Shamrockin' Golden Wings
Shining Mantle of Destiny
Splashy Shell
Toginator Plus Extreme
Togsmas Cloak VIII
Togsmas Cowl VIII
Ultimate Pumpkin Edge
Upright DragonStaff of Destiny
Vile Bone Golem Head
Vind Trophy Belt
Whirling Eternity Key

War Records

DragonRider War
18 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Frostval 13
7 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
13th 13th
10 waves, 1 Waves Defeated
War of The Dragon Roses
34 waves, 0 Rose Waves
War of the Dragon Roses
13 waves, 0 Dragon Waves
Winged Darkness
31 waves, 0 Winged Darkness Waves
122 waves, 2 Turducken Waves
Ebil War
30 waves, 0 Ebil Waves Defeated
Wrath of Wargoth
55 waves, 0 Wrath Wave
Rising Fire
787 waves, 7 Waves Defeated
Lucky Day War 2012
12 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Rift War
134 waves, 1 Waves Defeated
Zardbie War 2011
150 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Friday the 13th 2011
588 waves, 6 Waves Defeated
Hiding the Blade of Awe
1 waves, 0 Locations Searched
Lucky Day War 2011
315 waves, 0 Rainbow Shards


Villager Style II
DragonLord Castle
Gothic Style II

House Items

Falconreach Window
Falconreach Window
Falconreach Window
Nice Bed
White Couch
Basic End Table with Roses
Mage Table
Dragon Nest
Marble Floor
Unicougar Rug
Dragon Amulet Rug
Armor Closet
Dragesvard Fireplace
Plushie Cabinet
Lefthand NPC Plushie Etagere
Righthand NPC Plushie Etagere
Porcelein Sink
Bathtub (with duckie)
Mage Panel
Glowing Togstone
Really Glowing Togstone
Landscape Scene 1
Town and Dracolich Scene
Time Travel Fairy Time Tours statue
Dragonsgrasp Alchemy Shelf
Snowy Tog Rug