Verial Reign (Ice Dragon)
Monday, May 27, 2013


Draconis Tenebras
Summon Gem - Illumina
Captain's Belt
Xan's Revenge
Evolved ChickenCow Armor
Kathool Adept Armor
ChaosMoon Cloak
Entropic Cape III
Glowing Mantle of Destiny
Mantle of Deadly Doom
Cute, Cute Queen Ring
Atrea's Sentinel Helm IV
Drakonnan's Armored Helm
Drakonnan's Doom
Master's Hood
Savage Helm
Akriloth's Bane II
Defender's Medal (x24)
Rose Emblem
Token of Affection (x9)
Unlucky Doom Essence
X-Boost: Unlimited
Skull Crusher Blaster
Cysero's Hamstergeddon
Foilated Blade
Furious Crest Scythe
Judgement Wheel: Guilt
Judgement Wheel: Innocence
Lim's Hybrid Hammer III
Lim's Hydrocombustion Breaker
Necrotic Sword of Doom
Pristine Blinding Light of Destiny
Twin Blades of Glory
Zardbie Katana

Bank Items

Adorable Baby Dracolich Pet
Ancient Current
Battle Piggy
Blade of Destiny
Blue Box I
Breezy Zephyric Pinwheel +3
Dragonlord's Loss
Helm Splitter
Ice Dragon Scale (x2)
Ice Tusk Helm
King Linus
Necromancer Cape
Necromancer's Cowl
Necrotic Death Head
Plushie Frostscythe
Plushie Ghost
Smiley Mask
Time in a Bottle
Vote for Magic
Vote for Science
Wooden Triumph
Zurvana's Wrath

War Records

Rift War
1 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Friday the 13th 2011
46 waves, 0 Waves Defeated


Hamelin Style II

House Items

Dragonlord Banner
Dragon Statue
Magic Mirror
Armor Closet
Plushie Cabinet
Memento Mori
Clyde the Stats Moglin
Traveler's Gryphon Statue
Royal Purple Bed
The Purple Bookshelf
The Purple Bookshelf
The Purple Rug
The Purple Chair
The Purple Chair
The Purple Dragonbed
The Purple Sconse
The Purple Sconse
Haunted Wood Window