Draco (Energy Dragon)
Wednesday, March 9, 2022


Soulmender's Cloak III
Soulforged Ring (Blue)
Vilmor's Helm III
Defender's Dragon Necklace XXXV
Elemental Unity Defender XV
Mage's Challenger Belt V
Time's Harvest IX
Draconic Glowtooth
Notha's Spell III
Relic DeathKnight Circlet
Slimy Necklace
Defender's Medal (x4652)
Dragon's Bulwark
Defender's Dragon Belt XXIII
Elite Wand of the Sunken Rose III
Exalted Apotheosis
Frostscythe III
Ink Spire III
Jade Cleaver of the Lone Tree
Lucky Hammer
Psionic Ratchet III
Sea Chicken's Conquest III
Ultimate DragonStaff of Destiny
Unreal Skullstaff of Doom
Verraad III
Warlic's Gift III

Bank Items

Abyssal Elf Scepter VII
Akaz's Ampoule Ring IX
Ancient DragonLord Helm III
Antipode Broadsword VII
Ascended ChickenCow Armor
Atgasedd Doll
Baby Chimera
Baltael's Aventail
Basic CorDemi Codex
Blade of Awe
Boxhat IX
Chaosweaver Armor
Chi Blast
Claw of the Enigmatic Star
Consuming Adept Catalyst
Creatioux Claw III
Crymson Tear III
Cuddly Dracolich
Daatael's Wings
Dark Star Kodachi III
Defender Cannon Mk. IV
Defender's Dragon Ring XXXII
Distorted Doom Visage III
Doom Figmini
Doomed Dragon Amulet Scythe of the Elements IX
Dragon's Wrath
DragonKnight Staff
Dreamglass Ring IX
Dreaming Togslayer Armor
Elite Axe of the Sunken Rose III
Elite Knife of the Sunken Rose III
Escelense Dragon Defender Staff I
Evolved ChickenCow Armor
Exalted Spear
Extra Fluffy Tog III
Eyes of the Seer
Flare Imp
Flight of the Engineer
Forced Reflection VII
Frozen Spirit Dagger IX
Globus Lux
Gnarly Guitar of Doom IV
Goldfish Knight VII
Hacked Magi Drone
Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade
Hourglass of the Dead X
Ice Scythe
Icebound Revenant
Jimmy The Eye II
Kathool Adept Armor
Larein's Helm VII
Legion Bracer
Lockblade IX
Maker-Touched Zweihander III
Male Frost Moglin Helm II
Mewphant IX
Mint Cream Slasher IX
Mirror Eye Trinket
My Tiny Avenging Angel Pwny V
Necro Paragon Armor
Necro Paragon Soulblade IV
Pandora's Scythe III
Party Tog
Puzzling Cards
Relic DeathKnight Amulet
Relic DeathKnight Belt
Relic DeathKnight Blade
Relic DeathKnight Cloak
Relic DeathKnight Helm
Rogue's Challenger Belt V
Scythe of the Soul's Song
SoulForged Dagger
Soulforged Ring (Green)
Soulforged Ring (Red)
Soulsmith's Cloak III
Soulweaver's Cloak III
Staff of Inversion IX
Stan the ScanOrb
Static Sphere VII
Summon Gem - Ayauhnqui EX
Summon Gem - Illumina EX
Summon Gem - Intaym EX
Summon Gem - Reaver EX
Summon Gem - Ricterild EX
Summon Gem - Roktoru EX
Swordhaven Cloak VIII
Tentacle of the Dominion III
The Corrupted Seven
The Hidebehind VIII
The Puppetmaster X
The Quadstaff III
The Ribbon
The Sword For Other Monsters
The Threadcutter IX
Thorn Replica VII
Time Reaper's Cowl X
Timewarped Medal (x24)
Timewarped Trophy
Uaanta's Blaster IV (Amalgam)
Ultimate Blinding Light of Destiny
Ultimate Twin Blades of Destiny
Ultra OmniKnight Blade
Uncalabra III
Unreal ShadowReaper of Doom
Unreal Twin Blades of Doom
Uragiri III
Vaal's Ego
Vanilla Ice Katana
Visage of Fear
Warding Girdle
Warrior's Challenger Belt V
Weaver's Facade X
Wings of The Thousand Flames
Wings of the Unraveler III
Wishing Khopesh
Wolfwing's Wings
Yarek's Staff IX
Zorbak's Staff

War Records

The Maleurous: Reckoning
152 waves, 11 Waves Defeated
A Friendly Contest
144 waves, 6 Waves Defeated
The Great Giftnapping
207 waves, 13 Gifts Liberated
The Angel of Azaveyr
56 waves, 6 Waves Defeated
Archive E-189-L
15 waves, 0 Paths Cleared
Frostval 2019
16 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Song of the Ateala
43 waves, 0 Waves Defeated


Dragonsgrasp House
Dragonsgrasp House
Nieboheim House
Obsidian Home
Nieboheim House

House Items

White Couch
Gold Table with Roses
Dragon Nest
Shadow of the Wind Village
Large Light Grey Area Rug
Orb Of Saving
Cornucopious Table
Dragonkeep Sconse
Dragonkeep Banner
Dragonkeep Dragon Banner
Left Dragon Statue
Dragon Gargoyle
Large Outdoor Dragon Gargoyle
Large Outdoor Dragon Gargoyle
Meltface Akriloth Figurine
Academy Portrait (Tomix)