Ryu Housen

Lu Bu (Ice Dragon)
Friday, May 20, 2022


Wings of The Thousand Infernos
Defender's Dragon Ring XXXII
Ancient DragonLord Helm III
Defender's Dragon Necklace XXXV
Dragon's Wrath
Grimoire of the Lich III
Exalted Apotheosis
Eternal Locket
Aspenvale Backpack (Alz'ein)
Astravian Wings
Atealan Providence
Blessing of Kyanos IX
Charmed Gambler Wings
Chibi Patroclus
Cloak of Change
Crown of Damocles VI
Daatael's Wings
Debris Appendages
DoomKnight Cloak
DragonKnight Cape
Flight of the Engineer
Hourglass of the Dead X
Illumina's Wings
Invisible Cape
Lagohmcraft Protector (Vind) II
Notha's Spell III
Nova Phoenix's Feathers
Puzzling Card
Puzzling Cards
Radiant Wings of Light
Relic DeathKnight Cloak
Rose Magus Wrap VI
Soulmender's Cloak III
Soulsmith's Cloak III
Soulweaver's Cloak III
The Hidebehind VIII
The Puppetmaster X
Wings of the Unraveler III
Akaz's Ampoule Ring IX
Al'nold's Ring VI
Brilliant Bloodstone Ring
Dreamglass Ring IX
Erythrocitrus Band IX
Frostbreaker's Ring V
Fulgurite Ring VII
Lost Adventurer's Ring IX
Mechanical Ring VII
Overgrown Signet VII
Powerlight Ring
Relic DeathKnight Circlet
Rose General's Ring
Soulforged Ring (Blue)
Soulforged Ring (Green)
Soulforged Ring (Red)
Tentacle of the Dominion III
Astravian Helm
Ateala Soldier's Helm VII
Baltael's Aventail
Boxhat IX
BraveSirRobins Fearless Helm
Broken Experimental Visage
Charnel Doom Helmet III
Chickencow's Penance (Eggsalted)
Comfy Frostval Scarf (Armor)
Deatharrows Fearless Helm
Distorted Doom Visage III
DoomKnight Helm
DragonKnight Helm
Drakonnan's Warhelm III
Drop Bear Hat IX
Enchanted Frostcrown IX
Heartseeker's Helm IX
Helm of Old Aulore
Invisible Helm
Lost Starhelm of Destiny
Lost Starhelm of Doom
Magi Sentinel Helm III
Navigator's Hat V
Nova Phoenix's Aspect
Petrified DragonLion's Noble Head
Radiant Crown of Sek Duat
Relic DeathKnight Helm
Self-Containment Unit v15.5
Smuggler's Stormpather VII
Soulmender's Hood III
The Barons Fearless Helm
Tytanvisage Helm (Vind) VII
Vilmor's Helm III
Visage of Change
Wargoth's Forged Visage IV
Winter's Harbinger IX
Glamorstone Necklace
Heart Scale
Mosscrystal Pendant VI
Refraction Pendant VII
Relic DeathKnight Amulet
Shattered Amulet VII
Slimy Necklace
Soulforged Amulet (Purple)
Tizheruk Scale IX
Archlord Armor Scrap
Defender's Medal (x1500)
Frozen Fungal Fiber
Nature Construct Core
Tarnished Crystal
Carved Dragon Scale V
Defender Cannon Mk. IV
Dragon's Bulwark
Eggsalted Remnant
Elemental Unity Defender XV
Shapeless Idol V
Summon Gem - Reaver EX
Summon Gem - Ricterild EX
The Corrupted Seven
Time's Pursuit
Uaanta's Blaster IV (Amalgam)
Uaanta's Blaster IV (Destiny)
Uaanta's Blaster IV (Doom)
Defender's Dragon Belt XXIII
Leechscale Binding VII
Lost Elf's Belt
Mage's Challenger Belt V
Ourobouros Root Belt III
Relic DeathKnight Belt
Rogue's Challenger Belt V
Static Sphere VII
Voidwoven Belt V
Warrior's Challenger Belt V
Antithesis Edge IX
Antithesis Point IX
Antithesis Staff IX
Arnice Magica
Astravian Wingstaff
Atealan Ceremonial Spear
Aurite Blades IX
Aurite Claymore IX
Aurite Staff IX
Blade of Awe
Blade of Destiny
Claw of the Enigmatic Star
Crymson Tear III
Dagger of Unity IX
Demnra's Deception IX
Doom Blade of Sorrows
Doomed Dragon Amulet Scythe of the Elements IX
DragonKnight Blade
Elite Knife of the Sunken Rose III
Elite Wand of the Sunken Rose III
Forgotten Gloom Glaive
Frostscythe III
Harvest Ripper XI
Heart's Whisper IX
Ice Scythe
Jade Cleaver of the Lone Tree
LightGlaive Orden
Lost Starsword of Destiny
Lost Starsword of Doom
Lucky Hammer
Maker-Touched Zweihander III
Necro Paragon Soulblade IV
Necrotic Sword of Doom
Nova Phoenix's Lance
Pick of the North IX
Psionic Ratchet III
Rainbow's Edge
Relic DeathKnight Blade
Scythe of the Soul's Song
Scythe of the Unhallowed IX
Snow's Repose IX
Sun God Scythe
Thawsprout Blade
The Quadstaff III
The Threadcutter IX
Thorn Replica VII
Time's Harvest IX
Tyr - Lance of Change IX
Ultimate Blinding Light of Destiny
Ultimate DragonStaff of Destiny
Ultimate Twin Blades of Destiny
Ultra OmniKnight Blade
Uncalabra III
Unnecessarily Ornate Useless Weapon Just For Show
Unreal ShadowReaper of Doom
Unreal Skullstaff of Doom
Unreal Twin Blades of Doom
Unstable Armament Ed.2.0
Verraad III
Vile Infused Rose Sword I
Warlic's Gift III
Wishing Khopesh
Azaveyran Farewell III
Corrupted Doom Cassette
Draconic Glowtooth
Falwynn's Snackpack
The Eraglass

Bank Items

Bright Star Helm IV
Ace of Hearts
Aika Backguard
Akriloth's Bane IV
Ancient Dragon Amulet Scythe of the Elements
Ancient Frost Moglin Knife IX
Ancient Frost Moglin Staff IX
Ascended ChickenCow Armor
Ascended Cloak
Ascended Crest
Ascended Spear
Avatar's Winged Scythe
Baby Chimera
Baby Kraken VI
Balloon Chickencow Pet
Baltael's Aventail
Baltael's Aventail
Belial's Horrific Visage
Blade of Janus
Bloodfarer Cape IX
Bloodfarer Visage IX
Boxhat VIII
Bright Defender V
Bright Star Cape IV
Broken Crystal Belt
C8H10N4O2 Addict Male IV
Candy Pail
Canopic Charm
Chaosweaver Armor
Chef's Hat
Chi Blast
Chibi Envy
Chibi Gluttony
Chibi Greed
Chibi Lust
Chibi Pandora (C)
Chibi Pandora (P)
Chibi Pride
Chibi Sloth
Chibi Wrath
Cloak of Hyonix
Cloak of Hyonix (Dragonsoul)
Cloak Scrap
Clump of Fur
Comfy Frostval Scarf (Dragon)
Comfy Frostval Scarf (Plain)
Comfy Frostval Scarf (Trim)
Commemorative Birthday Sword XII
Commemorative Birthday Sword XII
Consuming Adept Catalyst
Creatioux Claw III
Crown of the Emperor
Crystal Frostval Scythe XII
Crystal Notched Belt V
Cuddly Dracolich
Cursed Overgourd Cover
Cysero Hair V
Cysero's Hamsterclysm
Cysero's Hamstergeddon
Dagger of the Amulet
Death's Royal Scythe
Devouring Cursed Serpent Claw
Doom Dragon Scythe
Doom Figmini
Doomed Dragon Amulet Scythe of Elementals
DoomKnight Armor
DoomKnight Variant One
Dracabbit VIII
Draconic Brightspark IX
Draconic Dimshadow IX
DrAEgon Scythe
Dragon Blade
Dragon Eye VI
Dragon Mage Hood VI
Dragon Mage Wings VI
Dragon Oculus VI
Dragon Orbit VI
Dragon PvP Trophy (x16)
Dragon's Heart of Nature XI
Dragonoid Saber V
Dravalkyrie VIII
Dreadwyrm Katana
Dreaming Togslayer Armor
Ebil Incarnate Axe IV
Elemental Unity
Escelense Dragon Defender Blade I
Eternal Hourglass Sword VII
Extra Crispy Blade of Doom
Extra Fluffy Tog (Extreme)
Eyes of the Seer
Facet of Hyonix IX
Falwynn's Disguise Kit
Falwynn's Lucky Rock
Falwynn's Moon Charm
Fat Werepup
Faunus Dragon Helm
Festival Facelaunch
Fighters Ex's Calibur X
Fire Essence
Flying Mogkee
Forced Reflection VII
Fragment of Ethereal Woe (x2)
Frankenblade VII
FrankenEyes Staff VII
FrankenFinger VII
Frost Dragon Head Blade VII
Frost Moglin Defender Blade
Frost Moglin Knight's Helm VIII
Frost Moglin Knight's Helm VIII
Frozen Claymore
Ghost's Blade of Spooky Hotness
Giant Custom Potion (Silver)
Giant Health Potion (Bronze)
Giant Mana Potion (Bronze)
Glaive of the Orb
Gnarly Guitar of Doom IV
Gold-Plated Frying Pan
Golden Aces Cloak I
Golden Battlespell Helm I
Grand Master Sword
Grandfather Clock Ring
Grandma's Hideous Sweater
Grenwog Dragon Egg Blade XI
Grenwog Dragon Egg Blade XI
Grenwog Eggshell V
Grenwog Jr
Groundhog Amulet V
Groundhog Wings IV
Grove Tender Blade
Grove Tender Twigs
Grove Tender Visage
Guardian Cloak
Hacked Magi Drone
Half-off Frostvale Pine V
Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade
Harmonized Cowbell 1001
Harvest Edge XI
Harvest Reaper VII
Harvest Staff XI
Helper's Jingling Cap
Hero's Armband
Hero's Brick
Hero's Heart Cleaver
Ice Elf Chakram
Icebound Revenant
Illustrious Cape
Ink Spire III
Irismancer's Staff
Kathool Adept Armor
Kickstarter Cape
Leaf of Flux III
Legion Bracer
Legion Fiend Blade IX
Legion Fiend Spear IX
Legion Slasher IX
Legion Sunderer IX
Leorilla Mane Belt IV
Light of Destiny
Lim Hair V
Lockblade IX
Lovely Time Sword X
Mace of the North IX
Magi Guard Helm III
Magic Bean
Magnificent Hallow'd Staff
Majjical Owl Wings V
Malifact's DOOM
Mantle of Fear
Mask of Akaz
Mask of Al'nold
Mask of Majji
Melted Stirring Spoon
Memory Fragment V
Memory Fragment VII (x2)
Meowphant's Mettle IV
Mightiest 100k Scythe
Mile High Stallions
MiniVolt VII
Mint Cream Slasher IX
Mirror Eye Trinket
Moglinberry Masher IX
My Tiny Derp Pwny V
My Tiny Void Pwny IV
Necro Paragon Armor
Necro Paragon Cape IV
Necro Paragon Helm IV
Neo Grove Tender's Blade
Neo Grove Tender's Cloak
Neo Grove Tender's Hat
Nick's Toasty Cape VIII
Nursey's Wedding Wreath
Ogorek's Treasure
On Wings Of Bacon
Orion's Comet Belt
Ornamented Seal Ring of the Papermancers
Ornate Guardian Blade
Ornate Guardian Blade
Ostara's Cull IX
Ostara's Dracobunny
Overgourd Cover
Overgourd Cover
Pallor's Frozen Blade VI
Pandora's Scythe III
Party Tog
Personal Snow Globe
Pirate's Booty
Prince Eulin Facsimile
Prowling Shadowcats
Pulsing Eternity Love
Pyromancer Cord
Radiant Dravir Warhelm
Radiant Providence
Rathon - Focus of Change IX
Reaper's Scythe VII
Reaper's Scythe VIII
Reflective Polygonal Sphere of Many Lights
Reforged Chronocorruptor
Reforged Chronomancer
Relic of Zeclem (x4)
Ribbon of Compromise V
Ring of Otherworld III
Rose Guardspear
Rose Legacy Dagger XI
Rose Legacy Staff XI
Rose Legacy Sword XI
Rotten Overgourd Cover
Salvaged Strike VI
Sanguine Flame Scimitar V
Scarab's Soul
Scythe of Liberty
Scythe of the Dark Amulet
Sea Chicken's Conquest I
Sea Chicken's Conquest III
Sentog Helm I
Serenity's Courage
Shadow Shard
ShadowWalker of Time
Shake Spear
Shard of the Ultimate Orb
Sharp Ring
Shining Helm of Destiny
Silver Arrows Edge
Sir Fluffykins VIII
Sir Jing's Sword IX
Sluagh Sidhe IV
Smashed Potatoes
Soaring Heart Scythe IX
Solid Gold Tog
Somnus Fighter
SoulForged Scythe
Soulthread of The Unraveler
Spiked Leather Gauntlet
Spooky Jack 'o Helm
Squirrel Tentacle IV
Staff of Inversion IX
Staff of the Amulet
Staff of the North IX
Staff of Unity IX
Stan the ScanOrb
Summon Gem - Ayauhnqui EX
Summon Gem - Illumina EX
Summon Gem - Intaym EX
Summon Gem - Roktoru EX
Sun God Cape
Sun God Visor
Sweet Capustak
Sword of the Amulet
Sword of Unity IX
Sword of Valentine's Pride XI
Tasty Swordfish
Temporal Chill
The Baroness Fearless Helm
The Glory of Twilly
The Great Grey One
The Last Board of Falconreach
The Professor's Safety Helm IV
The Sword For Some Monsters
Time Reaper's Cowl X
Timetorn Teleshard
Timewarped Medal (x36)
Timewarped Trophy (x4)
Togsmas Scythe VIII
Tomix Hair V
Tournament Shiv
Ultimate Brand of Glory
Ultimate Dragon Amulet Scythe of Elementals
Ultimate Twin Blades of Glory
Undead Chickencow
Unlucky Clover VIII
Unlucky Dark Sword
Uragiri III
UWE Championship Ring V
Vaal's Ego
Vell - Edge of Change IX
Void Chitin Band IV
Void Pony Daggers
Void Pony Hobby Horse
Void Pony Shank
Volcanic Rock
Weaver's Facade X
Wings of Ezrajal I
Wings of Samaranth I
Winter's Cull IX
Winter's Shawl IX
Wolfwing's Wings
Wolfwing's Wings
Wooden Shard
Wooden Sword of Doom IV
World Destroyer Wings
X-Boost: Unlimited (x10)
Yeti Battlehelm (CC)
Zeclem's Relic Cloak
Zorbak's Staff

War Records

The Grand Snowfight
10001 waves, 1064 Waves Defeated
The Maleurous: Reckoning
1550 waves, 59 Waves Defeated
The Siege of Haven
4 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
A Friendly Contest
4460 waves, 72 Waves Defeated
The Great Giftnapping
38 waves, 1 Gifts Liberated
The Angel of Azaveyr
1931 waves, 143 Waves Defeated
Archive E-189-L
4837 waves, 136 Paths Cleared
Frostval 2019
915 waves, 24 Waves Defeated
Song of the Ateala
222 waves, 8 Waves Defeated
The Maleurous: Sinnocence
1 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
632 waves, 39 Waves Defeated
The Blood Moon
1 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Black Winter
82 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Ice Cream Invasion
4 waves, 0 Sweets Stopped
The Dark Night
1001 waves, 22 Waves Defeated
Serenity Before The Storm
1001 waves, 2 Waves Defeated
Friday the 13th
1001 waves, 20 Waves Defeated
Save The Moglins
60 waves, 2 Moglins Saved
War of The Dragon Roses
1 waves, 0 Rose Waves
Winged Darkness
1001 waves, 29 Winged Darkness Waves
1 waves, 0 Turducken Waves
Ebil War
13 waves, 0 Ebil Waves Defeated
Wrath of Wargoth
2 waves, 0 Wrath Wave
Rising Fire
4 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Zardbie War 2011
2 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Friday the 13th 2011
11 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Hiding the Blade of Awe
2 waves, 0 Locations Searched


Frostvale Style II
Grenwog Cave
Dragonsgrasp House

House Items

Guardian Tile
Broken Healing Pad
Armor Closet
Orb Of Saving
Glowing Togstone
Really Glowing Togstone
Giant Coffee
Blue Box
Dragonkeep Sconse
Dragonkeep Banner
Dragonkeep Dragon Banner
Left Dragon Statue
Right Dragon Statue
Dragon Gargoyle
Outdoor Dragon Gargoyle
Moglin Tree
Meltface Akriloth Figurine
Dark Night Trophy
Storybook Collection
Training Dummy
Armor Portal Statue
Greenscreen Mirror
Pile of Gold
Pile of Dragon Coins
Bart's Potion Vendor 2000