Zelo (Light Dragon)
Monday, April 8, 2019


DoomKnight Cloak
Defender's Dragon Ring VIII
DoomKnight Helm
RNGear Necklace
Beacon of Hope
Dragon Molt
Pristine Twin Blades of Destiny
Defender's Medal (x37)
Elemental Essence (x4)
Ignis Gem
Scrap metal (x10)
Stone of Falconreach Tower
Unlucky Doom Essence (x11)
Ahab's Rusty Hooks
Commemorative Birthday Dagger II
Dagger of the Amulet
Dagger of the ArchKnight
Energy Consumer I
Extra Crispy Shank of Doom
Frond Flayer
Obsidian Twin Blades of Doom
Pulsing Renewal
Shiny Gold Claw III
Shiny Snowflake on a Stick
Super Snowflake on a Stick

Bank Items

Ancient Treasure (x2)
Blade of Destiny
DoomKnight Variant One
Elite Zephyrus
En's Helm II
Gears of War (x12)
Gilded Tog
Glacial Frigid Dirk
Gold Nugget (x24)
Horned Greedling Mask II
Ice Dragon Scale (x3)
My Little Pegasus
Necrotic Sword of Doom
Sludge Bubble
Wicked Bone Golem Head

War Records

Zardbie War 2011
5 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Friday the 13th 2011
299 waves, 5 Waves Defeated


Gothic Style II

House Items

Armor Closet
Make done war! Poster
The Purple Rug
The Purple Sofa
The Purple Pillar
The Purple Sconse
Haunted Wood Full Moon Window
Haunted Wood Window