Dark Queen

Draco (Fire Dragon)
Tuesday, January 11, 2022


Blessing of Kyanos IX
Fulgurite Ring VII
Grove Tender Visage
Cloak Scrap
Shapeless Idol V
Ribbon of Compromise V
Necrotic Sword of Doom
Hourglass of the Dead X
The Puppetmaster I
Weaver's Facade I
Lagohm Quick-Weld Wallpaste V.91662
Crystal Notched Belt V
Honey Laden Girdle IV
Leechscale Binding VI
Muskeg Mesh
Ribbon of Compromise V
Dragons Ex's Calibur VIII
Ethereal Devourer
Grove Tender Blade
Harrowing Staff
Lightblade Caliburn X
Poison et Roses Staff IX
Serenity's Wisdom
ShadowWalker's TimeScythe IV
The Threadcutter I
Time's Harvest IX
Winter's Cull IX

Bank Items

Aegis' Gratitude
Aeris PvP Trophy (x2)
Artix's Cape
Axe of Mana
Azaveyran Farewell II
Beautiful Sakura Scythe
Blade of Destiny
Blade of Dread
Bloody Point
Bone Caster's Staff
Breath of Life
Celestia's Staff IV
Celestial Betrayal
Cheater Mark
Cheesemonger's Gratitude
ChickenCow Armor
Chilly On Your Back
Commemorative Birthday Helm VII
Commemorative Birthday Staff XII
Crystal Frostval Scythe III
Cursed Overgourd Cover
Dark Chronokeeper XI
Dark Time Tome X
Dark Transcendence
Darkened Tree Branches
Darkened Tree Helm
Darkened Tree Scythe
Dazzling Midnight Wish
Defender's Medal (x125)
Doom Dragon Scythe
Doom Dragon Wings
Doombunny Mask
Doomed Dragon Amulet Scythe of Elementals
Doomed Dragon Helm
Doomed Poleaxe
Elemental Unity Defender I
Experimental Captain's Rifle
Festive Gift Opener
Fire Soul VII
Flea Collar
Fragrant Oleander Cape
Fragrant Oleander Veil
Frostfyre's Orbital Staff
Glorious Hallow'd Staff
Glowing Fireflies
Golden Dragon Tooth VI
Golden Dravir Helm VI
Gouda Fwendship Necklace
Greedling Pet
Grenwog Jr
Grove Tender Twigs
Harrowing Hammer
Harvest Reaper VI
Harvest Staff X
Hero's Heart Cane
Honed Funny Bone
Illuminated Wings of Light
Inert Mana Gem
Jack O' Boy VIII
Jack's Spire
Kara's Wings VI
Kasseri Ring
Kathool Adept Armor
Kuumba Cloak
Lagohm Chassis Frame
Lagohm Gearcircuit
Lockblade VII
Lush Oleanderium
Magicalllll Frostval Cloak
Melted Stirring Spoon
Metallic Claw
Mighty 100k Scythe
Mistral Oleander Veil
Mr. Poofles
Mysterious Frozen Gift Box
Overgourd Cover
Pineapple Ring
Pirate's Pal
Pirate's Pal
Proclamation Medal (SH) (x9)
Reaper's Rod IX
Rotten Overgourd Cover
Seer's Ring
Serenity's Grace
Shadow Hunter Ultra Sword
Shining Eternal Hourglass Staff VI
Skull Wand V
Sliced Cheese
SoulForged Staff
Sparkling Noon Promise
Spear of Lumina
Stretchy Candy Cape VIII
Strong Rip Current
Summon Gem - Illumina
Sun God Cape
Sun God Scythe
Sun God Visor
Super Spooky Orange Cloak
Swordhaven Tytan's Tooth
Tattered Pages (Voyna)
Temporal Chill
The Necsnowmancer
Time Reaper's Cowl X
Tournament Staff
Uaanta's Blaster II (Charging)
Ultimate Pumpkin Edge
Ultimate Star of Glory
Ultra OmniKnight Blade
Unael Protectorate VIII
Undercover Daimyo
Unlucky Dread Pillar
World Destroyer Wings
X-Boost: Unlimited

War Records

The Maleurous: Sinnocence
1 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
1 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
The Blood Moon
4 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Black Winter
653 waves, 2 Waves Defeated
Friday the 13th: Weal
17 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
DragonRider War
1 waves, 0 Waves Defeated


Gothic Style II
Edelia House
Ravenloss House
Frostvale Style II

House Items

Gothic Style Window
Gothic Style Window
Gothic Style Window
Nice Bed
Book Pile
Dragon Nest
Marble Floor
Healing Pad
Broken Healing Pad
Orb Of Saving
Ravenloss Plushie Cabinet
Ravenloss Scythes
Purple Bush
Purple Bush
Ivy Ravenloss Light
Glowy Mushrooms
Glowy Mushrooms
Portrait of Timmy