Varisael (Ice Dragon)
Sunday, November 14, 2021


DoomKnight Cloak
Ring of Thorns IX
Weaver's Facade X
Squirrel Tentacle IV
Seven "Lucky" Wishbones
Leorilla Mane Belt IV
Demnra's Deception IX
Eternal Locket
Ateala Soldier's Helm VII
Baltael's Aventail
Broken Experimental Visage
Sepulchure's Helm
Tytanvisage Helm (Vind) II
Cloak Scrap
Defender's Medal (x182)
Doomwood Badge (The Vind)
Proclamation Medal (DW)
Stan the ScanOrb
Dragon's Patience
Dragon's Rage
Ancient Dragon Amulet Scythe of the Elements
Apostate Alpha
Doomed Dragon Amulet Scythe of the Elements IX
Facet of Hyonix IX
Forgotten Gloom Glaive
Legion Slasher IX
Magesterium Blade IV
Necro Paragon Soulblade IV
Necrotic Sword of Doom
Soaring Heart Scythe IX
Sundering Emerald
The Threadcutter IX
Ultimate Blinding Light of Destiny
Unfeeling 13th 13th Scythe
Falwynn's Snackpack

Bank Items

Abyssal Elf Scepter VII
Ace of Spades
Akriloth's Cinder Bane
Al'nold's Ring VI
Ancient Exosuit
Ancient Frost Moglin Mace IX
Andazoth's Necklace
Antithesis Edge IX
Apsaydaaun Harvester VIII
Ascended ChickenCow Armor
Ascended Cloak
Aspenvale Academy Uniform
Aspenvale Backpack
Aspenvale Backpack (Aegis)
Aspenvale Backpack (Alz'ein)
Aspenvale Backpack (Aria)
Aspenvale Backpack (Ash)
Aspenvale Backpack (Jaania)
Aspenvale Backpack (Tomix)
Aspenvale Backpack (Victoria)
Aspenvale Backpack (Yashta)
Aurite Claymore IX
Autumn's Grace IX
Avatar's Cyclonic Scythe
Azaveyran Farewell II
Baby Weaver III
Bacon Bits
Battlehelm of Odium's Bane VIII
Belial's Armored Visage
Black Pearl Necklace
Blade of Odium's Bane VIII
Blade of the Crescent Moon I
Blue Box II
Blue Dahlia Cloak VIII
Blue Dahlia Cowl VIII
Blue Dahlia Reaper VIII
Boxhat IX
Boxhat VIII
BraveSirRobins Fearless Helm
Carrel's Ring
Carved Dragon Scale V
Chambered Eternity Love
Chaosweaver Armor
Chilly's Glorious Visage
Cloak of Change
Commemorative Birthday Helm V
Commemorative Birthday Helm VII
Commemorative Birthday Sword VI
Commemorative Birthday Sword XII
Corrupt ShadowReaper of Doom
Corrupted Doom Cassette
Crashing Chainsword
Crystal Dragon Edge VI
Cuddly Dracolich
Cysero's Wedding Tophat
Dark DragonLord's Edge VI
Dark Executioner VI
Dark Frostscythe VI
Dark Legion Cape
Dark Legion Helm
Dark Moon Rising III
Dark Sepulchure Helm
Dazzling Noon Promise
Death's Regal Scythe
Defender's Dragon Necklace V
Dimensional Transphaser
Doom Dragon Scythe
Doomed Dragon Amulet Scythe of Elementals
Doomed Dragon Helm
Doomed Longsword
DoomKnight Armor
DoomKnight Helm
Draconic Brightspark IX
Draconic Dimshadow IX
Draconis Tenebras
Dragon Blade
Dragon Mage Hood II
Dragon Wolf Broadsword IV
Drakonnan's Fiery Helm
Dread Pirate Mask V
Ebil Love V
Elemental Unity Defender II
Elvgorian Glacier
Escelense Dragon Defender Blade III
Escelense Dragon Defender Cape III
Escelense Dragon Defender Helm III
Ethereal Devourer
Experimental Captain's Rifle
Fat Werepup
Feathers of Odium's Bane VIII
Fire Soul V
Forest Gate Shard
Fragment of Ethereal Avarice
Frost Moglin Knight's Cloak VIII
Frost Moglin Knight's Glaive VIII
Frost Moglin Knight's Helm VIII
Frost Pumpkin Sword III
Frost Pumpkin Sword IV
Fry's Coffee
Full Moon Scythe
Ghost's Blade of Spooky Hotness
Gnarly Guitar of Doom IV
Golden Maple Scythe VI
Goldfish Knight VI
Gorillaphant Hair Belt
Grave Skull Ripper Helm
Grenwog Jr
Greydawn's Anniversary Cloak III
Grimey Ring
Groundhog Wings IV
Grove Tender Blade
Grove Tender Twigs
Grove Tender Visage
Grub Necklace V
Heart of Nature II
Heart's Whisper IX
Heartseeker's Helm IX
Helm of Autumn's Call IX
Hero's Brick
Hive Ranger's Halberd
Honed Funny Bone
Honey Laden Girdle V
Hourglass of the Dead I
Ice Scythe
Icebound Crown
Icebound Revenant
Icy Battle Crown V
Judgement Wheel: Guilt
Kathool Adept Armor
Lansezeur's Compass
Larein's Helm VI
Leaf of Flux I
Legion Bracer
Legion Fiend Blade IX
Legion Fiend Spear IX
Legion Sunderer IX
Light of Ambition
Light of Balance
Lightblade Caliburn X
Lockblade I
Lost Starsword of Destiny
Lost Starsword of Doom
Man's Best Friend
Meowphant's Mettle IV
Moglinberry Masher IX
Mysterious Egg
Navigator's Hat VI
Necro Paragon Armor
Necro Paragon Cape IV
Necro Paragon Helm IV
Noxious Doom Harvester Wings
Obsidian Dragon Helm
Obsidian Dragon Wings
Ornate Lorelympic Torch III
Ostara's Egg
Perpetual Eternity Key
Present on a Stick
Primal Corrupt Essence (x16)
Prince Eulin Facsimile
Radiant Providence
Rainbow's Edge
Rainbow's End IX
Ripper Wings
Rolith and Alina's Thank You Note
Rolith's Hammer of Protection
Rose Executioner Blade X
Rusty Royal Blade
Scythe of Liberty
Scythe of the Bacon Dragon
Scythe of the Darkness Dragon
Scythe of the Energy Dragon
Scythe of the Fire Dragon
Scythe of the Ice Dragon
Scythe of the Ice Dragon
Scythe of the Light Dragon
Scythe of the Nature Dragon
Scythe of the New Dawn IX
Scythe of the Stone Dragon
Scythe of the Unhallowed IX
Scythe of the Water Dragon
Scythe of the Water Dragon
Scythe of the Wind Dragon
Scythe of the Wind Dragon
Sea Chicken's Conquest III
Serenity's Courage
Serenity's Grace
Shadow Bone Shard (x7)
Shadow Hunter Ultra Sword
ShadowWalker of Time
ShadowWalker's Visage IV
Shapeless Idol V
Sir Tax's Receipt of Donation 2010
Skull Crusher Blaster
Sofist Cape
SoulForged Sword
Sparkling Noon Promise
Spiked Leather Gauntlet
Spinal Tap II
Spyblade of Static III
Stark Physis VIII
Stone of Falconreach Tower
Summon Destiny Dragon
Summon Gem - Illumina
Summon Gem - Roktoru
Sun God Cape
Sun God Scythe
Sun God Visor
Sundragon Pendant
Sunken Plunderer IX
Swarthy Aye Guardian Pirate Hat
Sword of Unity IX
Syzygy Key V
Tangled Essence of Sinnocence
Tarnished Crystal
Taste of Freedom VI
Temporal Chill
Tentacle of the Dominion I
Thank you Note
The Last Board of Falconreach
The Sword For Some Monsters
Thorn Replica VII
Time Core Edge
Time Reaper's Cowl I
Time's Harvest I
TimeShift Cape
TimeShift Visor
Togsmas Cloak IX
Tomix Hair III
Tyr - Lance of Change IX
Uaanta's Blaster IV (Uncharged)
Ultimate Dragon Amulet Scythe of Elementals
Ultimate Dragon Helm IV
Ultimate Dragon Wings V
Ultimate Twin Blades of Glory
Ultimate Twin Blades of Glory
Unael Protectorate IX
Unhallowed DeathKnight Amulet
Unhallowed DeathKnight Belt
Unhallowed DeathKnight Circlet
Unlucky Clover VIII
Unlucky Doom Essence (x10)
Villainous Cultist Hood
Visage of Change
Vivid Caliburn
Void Chitin Band IV
Warbeast Residue
Wings of the Unraveler III
Wings of Volgritian VIII
Winter's Cull IX
Winter's Harbinger IX
Winter's Shawl IX
Wooden Sword of Doom IV
X-Boost: Unlimited (x10)
Yarek's Staff II

War Records

The Maleurous: Reckoning
10 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
A Friendly Contest
12 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
The Great Giftnapping
1 waves, 0 Gifts Liberated
The Angel of Azaveyr
7 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Archive E-189-L
50 waves, 0 Paths Cleared
Frostval 2019
9 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Song of the Ateala
7 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
The Snowpeak War
72 waves, 2 Waves Defeated
The Maleurous: Sinnocence
802 waves, 36 Waves Defeated
11 waves, 1 Waves Defeated
The Blood Moon
3 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Black Winter
27 waves, 1 Waves Defeated
Friday the 13th: Weal
52 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
The Dark Night
1 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Serenity Before The Storm
1001 waves, 55 Waves Defeated
Friday the 13th
16 waves, 3 Waves Defeated
DragonRider War
3 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
War at the Core
6 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Full Moon
17 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Save The Moglins
60 waves, 1 Moglins Saved
Frostval 13
1 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
13th 13th
161 waves, 1 Waves Defeated
War of The Dragon Roses
1 waves, 0 Rose Waves
War of the Dragon Roses
1 waves, 0 Dragon Waves
Winged Darkness
5 waves, 0 Winged Darkness Waves
8 waves, 0 Turducken Waves
Ebil War
39 waves, 0 Ebil Waves Defeated
Wrath of Wargoth
1001 waves, 0 Wrath Wave
Rising Fire
3 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Zardbie War 2011
9 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Friday the 13th 2011
112 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Hiding the Blade of Awe
8 waves, 0 Locations Searched
Lucky Day War 2011
1 waves, 0 Rainbow Shards


Hamelin Style II

House Items

Armor Closet
Orb Of Saving
Blue Box
Dark Night Trophy
Storybook Collection
Odium's Bane Display Set
Portrait of Timmy
Academy Portrait (Jaania)
Academy Portrait (Tomix)
Academy Portrait (Aria)
Academy Portrait (Ash)
Academy Portrait (Victoria)
Academy Portrait (Aegis)
Academy Portrait (Alz'ein)
Academy Portrait (Yashta)