DeathFyre (Light Dragon)
Friday, January 26, 2018


Sluagh Sidhe II
A Hole-y Ring
Grave Skull Ripper Helm
Akriloth's Bane III
Three "Lucky" Wishbones
Tuat Guide
Necrotic Sword of Doom
DoomKnight Variant One
Kathool Adept Armor
DoomKnight Cloak
DoomKnight Helm
X-Boost: Unlimited
Stan the ScanOrb
War Wolf II
Ice Gem
Blade of Awe
Bloody Skullstaff of Doom
Core of the Crescent Moon II
Dark Gloom Glaive
Escelense Dragon Defender Staff IV
Frost Pumpkin Staff III
Grim Entity's Defense
Polished Cloud Key
Red Hot Flare Imp Staff
Rusty Royal Blade
Shadowfire Axe
Technomancer Staff
Vanilla Ice Katana
Wondrous DragonStaff of Destiny

Bank Items

Ascended ChickenCow Armor
Bound Pyre
Cuddly Dracolich
Defender's Medal (x121)
Doom Dragon Scythe
DoomKnight Armor
Primal Corrupt Essence (x23)
Scrap metal (x30)
Serenity's Wisdom
Serenity's Wisdom
Unholy Spineripper

War Records

Black Winter
107 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Wrath of Wargoth
201 waves, 0 Wrath Wave
Rising Fire
43 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Lucky Day War 2012
5 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Rift War
1 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Zardbie War 2011
3 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Friday the 13th 2011
265 waves, 0 Waves Defeated
Hiding the Blade of Awe
7 waves, 0 Locations Searched


Ravenloss House
Gothic Style
Hamelin Style
Frostvale Style II
Waterelf House

House Items

Falconreach Window
Falconreach Window
Falconreach Window
Falconreach Window
Falconreach Window
Basic Bed
White Couch
Golden Table
Dragon Nest
Healing Pad
Galanoth Ice Sculpture
Magic Mirror
Armor Closet
Stone Rubble
Golden Slide Portal