Cire (Ice Dragon)
Sunday, April 3, 2016


DragonLord's Wings
Pirate Bling
Tomix Hair II
Beacon of Hope
Fallen Hero's Chain
Obsidian Dragon Sword I
Green Silk Spy Cloak
Gunmetal Wings of Wind
Commemorative Birthday Helm II
Ice Tusk Helm
Tactical Assault Helm II
Tusker Disguise
Ice Dragon Scale (x2)
Brilliant Blinding Light of Destiny
Claw of Wisdom
Dark Moon Rising II
Golden Staph
Urchin's Spine

Bank Items

Commemorative Birthday Sword II
Male Hero Hat
Man's Best Friend
Summon Gem - Roktoru
Zorbak Punting Hat


Gothic Style II
Gothic Style

House Items

PVP Banner
Falconreach Window
Falconreach Window
Falconreach Window
Guardian Tower Window
Basic Bed
White Couch
Golden Table
Basic Column
Basic Column
Basic Column
Basic Dresser
Osprey Cove
Sandsea Plaque
Guardian Tile
A Bush
Zeuster Figurine
Golden Hind Statuette
Chickencow Appreciation Poster
Time Travel Fairy Time Tours statue